Sophie’s week

Wednesday, March 5th, I picked Sophie up from school and we decided to go to the UO art museum to see the new exhibit of impressionist paintings. We found a handy parking space on campus near a big aluminum sculpture, which was a good place to play hide and seek (or peek).



We didn’t take any pictures in the museum. Sophie’s enjoyed discovering that the Renoir just looked like color splotches when you stood very close to it, but when you moved away you could see a bowl of roses. The special exhibit was very small, so we quickly moved back out in the sunshine.


We sat out on the student union patio for a snack.


And then went to the library to check out a stack of books.

Sophie had a tonsillectomy and her adenoids taken out on Friday. She was a little nervous but being brave as she waited to be taken off to surgery.



Lillie came home to spend the morning with me while Sophie had surgery. I think I was in the hospital for several days when I had my tonsils out, but Sophie checked in at 6:30 a.m. and was home by 10:30 a.m. I forgot to get an “after” picture when I took Lillie home at noon, but she looked about the same the next morning when I stopped by again.



I don’t think having a bed in the living room where she could be read to or watch videos and eat ice cream has quite made up for the sore throat, but Sophie can now breathe through her nose and will soon feel terrific.

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