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Jason was sick, so we didn’t have everyone together for Easter dinner this year, but Kristina did bring Noah and Julia to Eugene on Saturday, so they got to dye Easter eggs with us.

Shad, Becky, Sophie, Lillie, and Becky’s cousin, Kelly, from Texas, arrived after we had already started, but were quick to [...]

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Sophie’s week

Wednesday, March 5th, I picked Sophie up from school and we decided to go to the UO art museum to see the new exhibit of impressionist paintings. We found a handy parking space on campus near a big aluminum sculpture, which was a good place to play hide and seek (or peek).

We [...]

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Commonwealth Park with Noah and Julia

Tuesday, February 26th, was beautiful so Noah, Julia, and I drove to Commonwealth Park. The park has a good size lake with a walk a paved path around it.

The twins enjoyed the hike past all the ducks and geese to the far end of the lake where there is a play area.

They [...]

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Mornings with Lillie

Our gymnastics class has ended so Lillie and I have no scheduled activities, but we kept busy.
On February 22nd, we started with a tea party with the dollies.

Then read Lillie’s favorite book from the library (this week). First with my help–

Then by herself–

There was a little sunshine, so we walked to Amazon Park.

When [...]

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