Gromper time in Portland

One of our Christmas presents to Jason and Kristina was a promissory note for babysitting some weekend so they could have an adult night on the town. Last Friday, February 15th, Jon (known by the grandkids as Gromper) and I arrived about 3:30 so Jason and Kristina could stretch the night out. The camera forgot to come out as we played, cooked dinner, read stories, bathed the twins and got everyone tucked in for the night. After breakfast Saturday morning, I got a picture of Gromper reading to Julia.


Because Jon had never been to the Children’s Museum we went there for our morning’s adventures. It was dental hygiene day, so there were dental hygienists all over the museum talking to kids about toothbrushing and not eating too much sugar. Noah and Julia each painted a large plaster tooth with a paintbrush, but they were more interested in showing Gromper their favorite parts of the museum.

Noah couldn’t wait to get to the train room, but Julia was attracted to the face paint, which isn’t out on weekdays. The “paints” were washable grease stick. I gave Julia a kitten nose and whiskers, then she added a flower to her face and then drew one on me.


Noah gets very intense studying the trains, tracks, and layout.



Gromper liked playing with the trains, too.


We stopped to play with the color shapes at the light table.


We spent the longest stretch of time in the waterworks area.





We got back to the house about the same time Jason and Kristina arrived home from their “night out.” As we were taking things out to our car after a nice lunch all together, Julia asked to try on the high heel boots Kristina had been wearing. The boots are too big for her, but very cute.


Julia took a picture of me before we left.


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