Sophie’s Afternoons

I get behind on posts. Making time to do things with the grandkids seems more important and sometimes I forget to take any pictures when we’re having fun. Sophie no longer has a regular time in my schedule, but some days Becky comes straight home from work to have an afternoon with Lillie and I pick Sophie up from school to have some special time with her. February 1st we went to the UO Natural History Museum and spent time looking at the exhibit on the John Day fossil beds. Then we went to the Marche Cafe on campus for cocoa and cookies. (We had a wonderful afternoon, but no pictures.)

February 13th I brought Sophie home to make Valentine cookies (again no pictures.)

February 8th we did “Sophie’s choice” and this time I remembered to use the camera.

We started at the mall with rides.



We visited the pet store.


Then, after some window shopping, it was time for a snack.


We were both tired of the mall by then, and Sophie accepted my suggestion of going to the Science Factory, our local children’s science museum, where there is an exhibit on color. Sophie powered a “color storm.”


The shadow colors on the wall weren’t captured well by the camera, but it was fun to see.


Sophie enjoyed watching the giant lizard, who was more active than I’ve seen him before.


We ended the afternoon with a short puppet show by Sophie.


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