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Snow–no kids

We woke up to a world turning white and snow falling steadily, and now at 10 am it is still falling. Shad’s family went to Portland for the weekend to visit Jason’s family, so there are no kids here to build snowmen or go sledding. I did go out for a walk and [...]

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OMSI with Noah & Julia

Tuesday morning was sunshine and blue sky but too cold to play outside, so Noah, Julia, and I drove to OMSI. The twins have been to OMSI with their mom so they were eager to get to their favorite areas in the “exploration center”.
Julia headed straight for the balls and vacuum tubes.

Noah’s favorite [...]

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Women’s Basketball With Sophie & Lillie

I signed Sophie up for the UO cheerleaders clinic for kids which was held last Saturday (January 19th). While Sophie was attending the pre-game clinic, Lillie came over to visit Jon and me. Lillie arrived dressed for the game. Note the “O” decal near her eye. Sophie and I were also [...]

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Train to Portland with Sophie

Last Saturday Sophie and I took the train to Portland for the day to visit the Children’s museum. We had a wonderful, exhausting day full of adventures. Sophie spent Friday night at our house so we could get up, have a good breakfast and catch the 9am Cascade Amtrak to Portland.
Train depot in [...]

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Christmas 2007

Christmas was wonderful! Jason, Kristina, Noah & Julia arrived December 23rd. Shad, Becky, Sophie, & Lillie joined us for dinner at Ocean Sky Chinese restaurant. We had a great time, but everyone was too busy eating and keeping track of the kids to take any pictures. There was a big lazy [...]

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