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Kristina brought Noah and Julia to Eugene on Tuesday. Becky, Sophie, and Lillie went with us to Riverpark.

After the park, Kristina and I took the twins to the Eugene Public Library. They loved the outdoor courtyard, the books, and the library toys.

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Children’s Museums

The weeks slip by and pictures get taken but not posted. Earlier this month Kristina and I took Noah and Julia to the Children’s Museum in Portland. It was great fun to watch them explore and play and having us both their allowed them to explore areas independently.

The twins both look [...]

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May sunshine

Last weekend was cool with occasional showers, but this week felt like summer. The 80-degree days brought the first local strawberries of the season, and prompted us to get out wading pools. Yesterday, Shad, Becky, Sophie, Lillie, and I went out to u-pick strawberries. Sophie really picked berries this year, but Lillie [...]

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