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Walking laps

Noah has been walking short distances for a while, but on Tuesday he had a breakthrough moment when he realized he could do more than just walk from one object to another. It was very exciting to watch the light go on and see him delight in walking just for the sake of being [...]

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Duck Waddle

The UO daycare center that Sophie attends held their annual “Duck Waddle” jog-a-thon on Saturday to raise funds for additional playground equipment. Sophie called neighbors, friends and family and collected a whole page of sponsors, with pledges ranging from 1 cent to a dollar a lap. The morning of the event Shad, Becky, [...]

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Busy Month

The weeks since Easter have flown. We have spent a lot of time with grandkids and taken too few pictures. I have also been working in the yard and planting the garden, so the blog has taken low priority.
Noah and Julia Jon and I spent the weekend of April 28th [...]

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