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Reaching out–Lillie

Lillie is really trying to crawl. Two weeks ago, Lillie was just stretching as far as she could to try to reach toys.

A week ago, she was trying to get her knees under her belly but couldn’t quite manage.

This week I didn’t get any pictures, but Lillie can now get up on hands and [...]

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Tyke Bike–Noah & Julia

Noah and Julia got a tyke-bike last week and I was lucky enough to be there when they first tried it out. Julia was looking for confirmation that she was doing the right thing.

But in this endeavor, Noah was the more confident one.

He especially likes the horn on the front.

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Big Tub

Last week Noah and Julia were very vocal in their disapproval of the switch from the cozy sink in the laundry room to the big tub in the bathroom.

But a week has changed their tune. I saw nothing but smiles and laughter last night.



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Swing into Spring

The sunshine and warm weather on Monday was too nice to resist. After picking Sophie up at school we headed to Prince Pucklers for ice cream and then to the little park next door for the swings. Lillie was delighted to swing and Sophie to take her turn pushing.

Tuesday in Portland was just [...]

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Sunday in Eugene

Gromper (aka Jon) hadn’t seen Noah and Julia since Christmas, so Jason and Kristina brought them to Eugene for the day. Shad, Becky, Sophie and Lillie came over to complete the group. Lillie, at 5 months, still stays where you put her, but Noah and Julia were not very interested in holding still [...]

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